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(June 7, 2019) -- Tournament teams are being announced in the U.S. and Canada, and that means it's time for our coverage of the 73st annual Little League Baseball international tournament for the major baseball division.

This is our 24rd season of coverage, and as we have each summer since 1996, we will bring you results from tournament action around the U.S. and Canada, beginning with the earliest games in area and district tournament competition, and culminating with the game that decides the final berth in this year's Little League World Series. As always, we rely heavily on site visitors to help us to keep tabs on the thousands of results as the tournament progresses, so if you can provide results for tournaments that are not listed on this site, please contact the Unpage.

Little League Baseball has tweaked several rules governing tournament play for 2019. Two changes will be especially prominent. First, Little League has changed its league age determination date from April 30 to August 31. This change lowers the average age of participants in the tournament, and ensures that no child whose actual age is older than 12 will participate in the international tournament for the major baseball division. (In prior years, children born between April and August could be classified as twelve year olds even though they had passed their thirteenth birthday.) This change was partially implemented in 2018, and will be fully implemented in 2019.

A second important change for 2019 involves extra inning games. If a game is tied after six innings, the seventh inning will be played under traditional baseball rules. However, if it is tied after seven or more innings, each team will begin its half inning with a runner on second base. (The player in the lineup position which was the last batter in the prior inning is assigned as the runner.) The intent of this rule is to reduce the possibility of extended extra inning games, and to limit excessive team pitch counts given rest requirements and pitch limits in place for tournament competition.

(April 7, 2019) -- North American leagues are in the early stages of their regular season schedules, and all-star competition will not begin until June. Overseas, however, the international tournament is underway. In Australia, all state tournaments are played in April, and teams are aiming for berths in the Australian Region tournament. Leagues from throughout Australia will meet at Albert Park in Lismore, New South Wales, between June 6 and June 10 to determine which Aussie league will advance to the Little League World Series.

In Japan, early round games begin in April, and the international tournament schedule will hit full stride during Golden Week in late April and early May. Japanese tournament games are played predominantly on weekends and public holidays, and with four holidays packed into a seven-day span, most districts will play significant portions of their district tournament schedules during this week. Sixteen leagues will advance from Japan's twelve districts to the Japanese Region tournament in July.

This site launched on July 5, 1996 with coverage of three states, and has grown with each successive year. Click to contact the webmaster with any comments or questions about this page.

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