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For results and details on Central Region tournaments held since 2001, visit the Great Lakes Region and Midwest Region tournament pages. Central Region tournament results from 1957 through 2000 can be found by clicking on the links on the left side of this page.

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The Central Region Tournament

When Little League Baseball expanded the World Series from eight to sixteen participants in 2001, the Central Region tournament took on a new look. The twelve-team tournament that determined the Central Region representative in the Little League World Series was replaced by a pair of region tournaments that determine World Series qualifiers.

Since that time, Central Region state champions have competed in the Great Lakes Region and Midwest Region tournaments. Both tournaments are held at the Reuben F. Glick Little League Center at the Central Region Headquarters complex in Indianapolis. The region's state champions are divided into the new regions as follows:

Great Lakes Region Midwest Region
North/South Dakota

Visit our Great Lakes Region and Midwest Region pages for results from Central Region tournaments since 2001.

The Central Region format has evolved over time. Held for the first time in 1957 -- the region was then called the North Region -- the tournament initially employed a four-team, single-elimination format. In its early days, the tournament roamed from site to site, with leagues in eight different states serving as the tournament host. In 1990, soon after the new Central Region complex was opened, the tournament expanded to become a twelve team event that encompasses state champions from across the region. The tournament was the first U.S. region tournament to employ a double-elimination format before later switching to a round robin pool play schedule.

Click to view a timeline showing the evolution of the Central Region Little League tournament structure.

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