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(June 2021) -- A year after cancelling all tournament play due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Little League Baseball has announced plans for the 2021 international tournament. Following consultation with an advisory committee comprised of outside experts, Little League Baseball has decided to hold the 2021 Little League World Series and all of its qualifying tournaments for the Little League Baseball and Softball divisions (age 10-12 years). Other age divisions will end play at the state tournament level. For 2021 only, the Little League World Series will involve only U.S.-based leagues, with the top two finishers in each region advancing to the Little League World Series.

Little League Baseball has provided guidelines around attendance at the series and COVID protocols for tournament officials and volunteers -- details can be found on the official Little League Baseball website. Beyond this, local tournament officials will follow protocols established by local health authorities based on conditions in their specific area.

With this decision in place and U.S. tournament competition set to begin in the coming weeks, we have begun our coverage of the 2021 Connecticut state tournament -- click for details. If you can provide results or pairings for Alaska district tournaments that are not listed on this site, please contact the Unpage.

(June 2019) -- We have begun our coverage of the 2019 Connecticut state tournament -- click for details. If you can provide results or pairings for Connecticut district tournaments that are not listed on this site, please contact the Unpage.

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The Connecticut State Tournament

Connecticut has frequently been a focal point for Little League Baseball over the past 60 years. Little League Baseball expanded rapidly into Connecticut and other Eastern states during the organization's early years, and the Middletown Little League became one of the first out-of-state leagues to travel to Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series when they came to Williamsport in 1948 to compete in the second annual tournament. Three years later, a league from Stamford became Connecticut's first Little League World Series champion by defeating the North Austin Lions Little League (Texas) 3-0 in the championship game.

Connecticut established ten districts in 1958, added an eleventh in 1959, and expanded to 12 districts in 2014. In early years, the district champions played off in a single-elimination tournament held at locations throughout the state. For a brief timespan in the late 1980s and early 1990s, two Connecticut leagues advanced to the region tournament, In 1993, the state began holding two sectional tournaments, with the winner of a playoff between the two sectional champions advancing to regional competition. Since 2015, Connecticut has advanced four teams to a double-elimination state tournament that determines the state champion.

Today, the Connecticut state champion advances to the New England Region Tournament, which is held each August in Bristol in the central part of the state. Beginning in 2022, Connecticut will compete in the newly-formed Metro Region as the Little League World Series expands from sixteen to twenty participants.

Twenty Connecticut leagues have advanced to the Little League World Series, including the state's most recent qualifier, Fairfield American Little League in 2017. Four of the state's leagues have won the Little League World Series championship. Stamford and Norwalk National won back-to-back titles in 1951 and 1952, while Windsor Locks (1965) and Trumbull National (1989) defeated international leagues in the championship game. Trumbull's victory over the Kang Tu Little League (Kao Hsiung, Taiwan) remains one of the most famous upsets in Little League World Series history.

Click to view a timeline showing the evolution of the Connecticut Little League tournament structure.

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