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Georgia State Tournament Milestones

The structure of Little League Baseball's international tournament in Georgia has changed several times since the first state tournament was held in 1951. Key events in the evolution of this structure include the following:

1951Georgia leagues compete in the international tournament for the first time, and seven leagues meet in the inaugural state tournament at Larry Bell Park in Marietta for the right to advance to the Region 5 tournament in Auburn, Alabama. The host league wins the title before falling in a region play-in game to a league from Montgomery, Alabama. As with most of the country, district boundaries in Georgia evolve regularly in the coming few years as the number of chartered leagues grows exponentially. By 1956, Little League Baseball's presence in Georgia has grown from seven leagues to enough charters to encompass eight districts.
1957Georgia re-organizes its districts into a configuration that remains the basis for today's Georgia district structure. Eight districts are formed, and the eight district winners then advance to a single-elimination state tournament that determines Georgia's champion and representative in a Southern Region divisional tournament.
1961District 9 (Fulton County) is formed as a spin-off from District 3.
1965District 7 (Southern Georgia) is dissolved, and its territory is merged into District 5.
1971For the first time, the Georgia state champion advances directly to the Southern Region tournament without first having to compete in a divisional tournament.
1974District 7 (Coastal Georgia) is re-formed when Bacon Park Little League in Savannah charters with Little League Baseball. Bacon Park competed in the international tournament for two years, then District 7 was again dissolved and re-absorbed into District 5.
1981Georgia officials begin using a double-elimination format for state tournament competition.
1984District 7 (Northeastern Georgia) is formed as a split from District 6 (Athens/Augusta and outlying areas).
2000District 10 (East Central Georgia) is formed as a spin-off from District 6.
2001Georgia is assigned to the Southeastern Region as Little League Baseball expands the Little League World Series from eight to sixteen participants.
2003Georgia officials adopt a pool-play format for the state tournament. Rather than playing a double-elimination schedule, leagues are divided into two pools for round-robin competition, and the top two finishers in each pool advance to elimination rounds.
2006District 9 is dissolved, and its remaining leagues are placed in District 2.
2009District 9 (Coastal Georgia) is re-formed as a split from District 5 as Little League baseball returns to the Savannah area.

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